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Connect the Data

Set up your accounting, banking & Zapier connections with our one-click integrations. Select the data you want to sync to the email templates.


Design the Email

Create your own bespoke email digest with our powerful email editor. Insert variables from your integrations to pull in live data.


Set the Schedule

Configure when the email sent, who it's coming from, and the reply-to address. Whether its daily or weekly, you're in full control.

FinDaily in 5 Minutes

Email Editor

Build custom emails tailored exactly to your needs.

Simple text editor

Build your template just as you would a regular email, with a live preview of the output.

Variable Insertion

Insert variables from your integrations into the email - even see a live preview of the most recent data.

Data Lists

Loops through lists of data, and insert the properties of each item. For example, build a bullet list of outstanding bills, and include the due date and amount.


Q.What is FinDaily?

A. FinDaily is platform that automates the delivery of custom digests from your accounting and finance APIs.

Q.How does it work?

A. Each day we retrieve the latest data from each of your connections, and merge it into beautiful responsive email templates which are delivered automatically.

Q.How secure is our data?

A. For each integration we follow the official documentation for best-practices in order to retrieve data responsibly. Financial or PII data is stored using OpenSSL AES-256 encryption. We only access new data when an email needs to be sent, at which time the previous email's data is deleted from our servers.

Q.What integrations do you support?

A. We support QuickBooks Online, Xero, Plaid to connect your bank accounts, and Zapier to enable the import of any other data.

Q.Can I customize the Email Template?

A. We enable full customization of the email template via our email editor tool. Building your own digest is as simple as writing an email, and inserting the variables.

Q.What if a data connection breaks?

A. Some integration types, especially banking connections can be fragile. For now, if a data retrieval fails the email will not be sent, and you will be notified. In the future, we plan to let you decide on a variable-by-variable basis whether the email should be withheld if the connection fails.


  • Ideal for monitoring one simple business
  • One Business
  • One e-mail recipient
  • Weekly delivery scheduling
  • Only QuickBooks Online

$5 / Email Profile

Per Month


  • Ideal for monitoring one or more businesses with advanced
    reporting needs
  • Multiple Businesses
  • Unlimited e-mail recipients
  • Advanced delivery scheduling
  • Integrates with QuickBooks Online, Xero, Plaid and Zapier
  • Advanced editor
  • Theme editor
Starting at

$35 / Email Profile

Per Month
Profiles Price
1 $35 per month
2-5 $20 per month
6-20 $15 per month
21-50 $10 per month
51+ $5 per month

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